Posted by: Tha Square | March 31, 2008

Emergency Heroes for the Wii Announced

Today, Ubisoft revealed one of i ts latest Wii games in the works and it’s here to save the day! Brought to you by the Barcelona and Reflections teams of the Ubisoft corporation, Emergency Heroes is a driving game where you save your town from perilous situations.  You’ll be patrolling the streets of this futuristic world in some snazzy rides too; there are 16 different emergency vehicles to choose from. Screenshots from show off a dune buggy cruiser and a tricked out cop car,  so you’re sure to be putting those baddies in their place with style and pizazz.

There’s also word of co-op play so you can relieve any situation with team work and skill. Need help putting out that fire? Call a buddy over and finish the job! Ubisoft also says the game will use the Wii’s remote to the fullest though there’s no word to how far they’re planning on taking it. I suspect driving to reflect Excite Truck’s control scheme but I’m hoping they’ll go a little further. Maybe we’ll see some pointing maneuvers in the fire trucks to put out flames and some other uses.

This game reminds me of the cartoon show Rescue Heroes that aired five or six years ago. I never watched the show myself, but I do remember the commercials. Who knows, maybe this is a deviation of the series or something.

Be sure to keep a look out for Emergency Heroes in May.



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