Posted by: Tha Square | March 25, 2008

RUMOR: Is The House of Mouse Looking to Take Down the Mushroom Kingdom?

That’s right, the word from EGM’s rumor mill is that Disney is creating a platformer poised to beat – if not rival – Mario Galaxy. Though there is no confirmation that this is indeed true, it’s only appropriate to assume the one and only Mickey Mouse is the star. Who else could a Disney game revolve around? Donald Duck? Psh, he wishes…

 If anyone remembers Mickey Mania and The Magical Questgames back in the SNES days, they were two of the greatest platformers of their time and can still hold their own to this day. Could this be a sequel to those glorious games of could this just be another filthy rumor? Maybe there’s going to be a Disney Vs. Nintendo game like Mario Vs. Sonic at the Olympic Gamesor this could just be another one of EGM’s April Fools Day jokes. You Decide!

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