Posted by: Tha Square | March 19, 2008

“No More” Talk with Suda51 Himself

The guys over at got the chance to sit down and toss a few questions Goichi Suda’s way. Goichi Suda, in case you didn’t know, is the man behind Killer7 and No More Heroes so when I saw he had done an interview, I just had to bring it on over. Here’s a small portion of the interview.

 “CVG: What is it that drew you to developing No More Heroes as a Wii exclusive?

Suda: I was one of the privileged few who was shown the Wii controller before its official announcement [at TGS 2005]. 

I immediately set out to create a full action game that could take advantage of this unique controller, and No More Heroes was born. 
My publishers wanted to make an Xbox 360 game, and actually wanted No More Heroes to go onto that platform, so I had a hell of a time trying to convince them to let me make it on Wii without spilling the controller’s secrets (laughs).

CVG: From what we’ve played so far, No More Heroes seems to be more comprehensible than your previous games. In light of Nintendo trying to reach new audiences, is this an intentional move on your behalf?

Suda: No, not really. You know, I had experience of working for them with the GameCube, and they’re very responsive to developers who are making games that are different. They’re very flexible. There was no pressure to make it more accessible, certainly.”


Be sure to read the entire interview (involving wrestling and a few personal tidbits) for more information on No More Heroes straight from ‘Suda51’ himself!



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