Posted by: Tha Square | March 16, 2008

New Clean Keeper Gameplay Video. Oo La La or Oo La Lame?

So yeah, the people behind the game Cleaning Squadron Clean Keeper, Idea Factory, have published a video of what exactly you’ll be doing in this… “game”. Basically, it’s a simulation where you escort girls from a maid service. I assume the goal in the game is to win enough of the maids’ affection to get her to allow you to clean off pieces of “stardust” that have soiled her loins.

There are a few cleaning tools you can use to achieve this goal; a lint roller, feather duster, mop, paddle, fan, and a whip. That’s right, no longer will you need to scrub grime for hours, just pull out that trusty whip and go Indiana Jones on those dust bunnies! Who needs scrubbing bubbles when you can snap the dirt off in seconds?

Of course, each tool requires an appropriate Wii remote movement.  Wave the remotre back and forth to use the fan, thrust forward for the lint roller, flick the remote for the whip, etc. So to sum it all up, there’s tacked on controls, minimal animation, borderline child pornography (they make them look young, I could be wrong), and probably comes with a nifty price tag. Anyway, check out the humble maid cleaning video here.

 Source: Kotaku


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