Posted by: Tha Square | March 6, 2008

SPOILER WARNING: Moveset Swapping in Brawl

Here’s some… strange videos of moves being swapped during training mode. There are some character spoilers involved, but these are just too weird to pass up. I don’t know if these are glitches or what, but they’re in there. Take a gander for yourself to see some very odd character models!

At about 4:30 on the first video, Pikachu sprouts legs when the user swaps moves with Ganondorf and soon after, Toon Link’s legs move into his body as he switches sets with Meta Knight. In the second video, Mario uses Olimar’s set but the Pikmin unfortunately don’t shop up and in the final video, Peach swaps with Sonic and becomes quite scary, if you ask me. 


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