Posted by: Tha Square | March 3, 2008

Kevin Costner Suing Nintendo Over Copying His Image

OK, I’ve heard of people suing Nintendo over technological rights, but this is ridiculous. Kevin Costner is preparing to sue the Big N over claims they stole the image of his role in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves when they created Link. Wait, Link looks like a wrinkly old man with no career? Coulda fooled me…

In my opinion, it’s Costner who has been the plagiarizer. Zelda games have been depicting a green clad warrior with the ability to wield just about every possible weapon under the sun. From hammers to boomerangs, the series has pretty much got the weapons category covered. So what could Costner claim to have been taken from him? Bows and arrows? Link has been touting those around since 1986 and they’ve been around for thousands of years.

The only thing I could see that remotely resembles Robin Hood are his gloves, which Link has been wearing since The Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link (if not sooner). He’s been wearing the classic green tunic for at least five years before the 1991 movie debuted, so Costner has no claim to that fame.

I don’t think Costner has a leg to stand on. It’s a total BS case and he’s apparently just trying to weasel out a few million to pay off his debt since Waterword flopped.

Check out to see the whole story. 


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