Posted by: Tha Square | February 29, 2008

Leap Year Celebration!

Welcome readers, to the quad-annual leap day celebration! And thanks to this ridiculous addition to the calendar, it’s time to… “jump” into action! Put a little “spring” into your step and tell your fellow fans how “hopping” they are! lets all gather around and “Boun…

OK that’s enough of that…

Well it is, of course, a leap year and today is the day we make up for the approximate 24 hours we lose every four years. So in honor of this day of lost time, I’ve devised a new way to celebrate! Instead of spending time with our friends and family, I suggest playing at least one game that you’ve bailed on, haven’t completed, or just down right didn’t give a rat’s hiney about! A glorious idea don’t you think?

Personally, I’ll be playing a few games in celebration of this momentous occasion; a total of four just to be in sync with the whole leap idea. Metroid Fusion, Viewtiful Joe, Metroid Prime, and Baten Kaitos are all on my list of games to revisit and try to finally finish! Huzzah for leap years!

It’s the day to make up for lost time people and what better way to spend it than hunkered down with a nice video game so lets all “leap” into it!

Seriously, these play on words make me want to vomit. 


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