Posted by: Tha Square | February 28, 2008

Is Zak & Wiki Being Discontinued?

In little over four months time, Zak & Wiki seems to already be getting the ol’ heave-ho from Capcom. After browsing a the internet for some deals, I stumbled upon Amazon’s Zak & Wiki page which showed that it had been discontinued by the manufacturer.

But why is it listed as such on Amazon? The game has sold over 300,000 copies according to and This could be just a typo but it raises some serious questions, some of which were started a few weeks ago when Capcom said they’ll be “testing” the American market with the release of Okami.

Still, that doesn’t address the entire situation here. The game is getting canned in less than a month even though its sold nearly half a million copies. Hopefully, this really is just a typo and until Capcom confirms this news, it’ll remain a rumor.



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