Posted by: Tha Square | February 25, 2008

Clean Keeper Gets a Little Dirty

What kind of games are coming out in Japan you ask? Well, Idea Factory has your answer. They’re planning on creating a new video game called O-souji Sentai: Clean Keeper ( translated to Cleaning Battalion: Clean Keeper) which will only debut overseas. Though what you’re actually supposed to do in the game is unclear but from the title, I assume the game revolves around cleaning… things. That might seem pretty weird to you, but the rewards are even stranger. For every task you complete, you receive a very provocative anime picture which show girls taking showers, eating bananas and popsicles, and cooking food while scantly dressed in frilly maid outfits. Plus, the pictures make the characters look like young girls. Definitely not for the kids.


Here’s a picture from, you can see the rest from their site.


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