Posted by: Tha Square | February 23, 2008

Valve’s Left 4 Dead Due for the Wii?


During a recent interview with yesterday at the GDC, Doug Lombardi of Valve Software unleashed their plans for the upcoming game Left 4 Dead to the public. You’d recognise Valve as the people behind games such as Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress, and Counter Strike. Yeah, there are some serious devs over there. Anyways, it seems as if they have no plans to release their upcoming zombie killing adventure on the PS3 and could do it on the Wii if they wanted to.

He goes on to speculate that if they were to bring their next title over to the console arena other than the Xbox 360 (which is pretty much the same as a PC), they’d bring the game over to the Wii. 

 “If Valve were to develop in-house for another format, it would be the Wii. It’s growing, there’s already a huge user-base, and it’s fun. Source is really scalable. We can do that.”

Hm, will another zombie killing outing on the Wii make it? There’s already Resident Evil 4 and a bunch of others already lined up to hit the Wii. Will the Valve name be enough to suffice if they do bring it over? I say yes, yes, and more yes. If the makers of the best game created wants to start up a new project on the Wii, I’ll back them with a purchase no doubt.Source 



  1. Rumors about a wii game from Valve software. The website is right stating they are late for consle games. They are mainly known for pc games! it took 3 years for Half-life to come out for ps2!(including the Dreamcast after it was cancelled at the last minute but is complete and is a bootleg copy which I have on Dreamcast!) Counter-strike about 3 or 4 years Half-life 2 on xbox 1 year later. Now orange box on ps3 and 360. I wouldn’t haold your breath for a wii game. as far as I know as of right now, it may never come out on wii. I’d be surprised though.

  2. i pray that it comes for Wii, yes they may have to tone down graphics a bit but if you have ever played Resident Evil 4 for Wii, the controlls put you into the game so much that you might wet yourself when a zombie holding a chainsaw jumps at your charecter, now if you can get that out of a game that started for last gen consoles then think if they did this – only one expression comes to mind – OH MY GOOOOOSSHHHHH!!!

    but as far as being suprised goes, i would be to surpirsed,
    i mean look at all the other 3rd party developers who have already switched from not even giving Nintendo a second look to becoming full Wii devs or at least multi-console with adding extra features to Wii version.

  3. Portal might be a game worth having on the Wii because of its style. Not a face pasted shooter but point, shoot make portals puzzle gameplay would work well.

  4. Fast-paced shooter* lol I’m tired.


  6. i went this game tomrro

  7. Please make this game! I played it over my cousins lots of times and it’s amazing! If this came out for Wii I would be first in line! Please make it

  8. i hope it does come on the wii this game is so much fun it rocks. We played this game all the time in my class when we had nothing to do.

  9. That would be awesome!!!! I’ve been playing this game at my friend’s house on his Xbox 360 and I love it! I would totally buy Left for Dead if it came out on the Wii! DO IT!!!

  10. Dunknow if left 4 dead came out on wii that would RAW ! (Y) 🙂

  11. That would be so fun! I only have a wii but when my friend had the game, It Was Awesome! I loved the witch the most and also the Tank. Please make it on Wii!

  12. As an avid gamer fan, I simply needed to drop you a quick note to
    say thanks for putting this up.

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