Posted by: Tha Square | February 22, 2008

Nintendo to Begin Charging Online Services.


Today at the GDC, Takashi Aoyama revealed Nintendo’s plan for online fees. Though the online services will remain free of charge, games in the near future will be “Pay to Play” (P2P). This could refer to the upcoming Animal Crossing game or even a Wii MMORPG. He points out that the games falling under the new category will be marked with a different “Wi-Fi Ready” stamp so consumers don’t buy them thinking they can go online for free. Could that mean some games with online on the horizon will be free? That’s unclear at this point. It’s not even clear if the games that are currently free will remain as such.

However, it’s quite odd of them to require a fee when they have specifically said not long ago the Wii “won’t have hidden fees or costs.” It’s a complete 180 they’ve pulled without mention or revision of their previous statements. Check the article out here.

But don’t take this as a bad sign my fellow Wii fans; this could be exactly what our console needs right now. The Wii has been lacking in the online race for some time now and P2P will give developers some motivation to create good online campaigns. Xbox Live has been around for awhile and it’s been a huge success for Microsoft and the users seem to love it. For now, just enjoy being fee free. Soon we’ll be spending a portion of our monthly income on online.

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