Posted by: Tha Square | February 20, 2008

WiiFit & WiiWare Official Release Dates Confirmed at the GDC ’08.

According to Nick Wingfield of the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo revealed that their prized WiiFit will hit the store shelves on May 19th… or at least ship. There’s been speculation on it’s release since it was first shown at E3 last year along side Mario Kart and several other gems. It’s classic Nintendo to align their dates like that. They reveal on the 19th of February that WiiFit’s official release date is the 19th of May. What’s another big 19 in Nintendo’s history? That’s right; the Wii’s release!

But in a double whammy move, Nintendo announced yesterday that WiiWare, the Wii’s downloadable content channel that’s poised to rival Xbox Live Arcade, will be available on May 12 in the U.S. no word if this is a global release date or not.

The most curious of news, however, is that game developers will not require approval from Nintendo for their games sold on the channel. That might not be the greatest of things; since we’ve been seeing a lot of “shovel ware” in the past, the future might hold true to the tradition. There might be an overwhelming amount of puzzle games in store for us down the road, who knows. With games like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: the Young King, Eternity’s Child, and Pokemon Ranch being some of the first titles to grace the new channel, I might be delightfully mistaken.



  1. Wii Fit is a very innovative video game. It just combines video games and exercise together. Very creative idea from Nintendo

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