Posted by: Tha Square | February 11, 2008

The Top 7 Game Bad Guys You Didn’t Want to Kill

Seriously, I couldn’t help bring this over. This is a feature at and it’s just too funny. Remember all those “bad guys” you’ve killed off in all the games you’ve played? You ever wonder if maybe you’re the bad guy? Yeah, I’m sure all those dead zombies are thinking that right now… or at least were at the time you disposed of them. All they wanted was to eat your brains, is that too much to ask?Here’s a small portion from the hilarious work. It’s just too good…

“…Walking through that familiar grass, you happen upon one of the low-level Pokemon you meet at the start of the game. And that’s when you realise your super-powered team of fighters has become a deadly unit. What chance does a level 2 Pidgey have against your level 67 Dragon-type Pokemon?”

 Justin Towell of GamesRadar, Kudos. Be sure to check his whole work out at


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