Posted by: Tha Square | February 11, 2008

Ninjabread Man Due Back on the Wii with More Nutmeg than Ever!

That’s right ladies and gents! Your favorite cookie crusader is coming back for seconds! Armed with his trusty Grapple Hook and a slew of new weapons, Ninjabread Man is out to save his precious Treacle Tart (AKA his girl friend) from the clutches of the evil Emperor Sly and the Jelly Ninja Clan. Frosting will fly in the upcoming game Ninjabread Man – Blades of Fury!  

From the Original Ninjabread Man.

So, the buzz on the net is the first game wasn’t so good. That’s a given. However, there’s still hope for the series yet. Maybe this rendition will be a little more polished and a lot less flawed. That’s expect a lot though seeing how Data Design is still the developers. You may remember them from other games such as Anubis 2, Billy the Wizard, and Monster Trux Arenas. Well, maybe there isn’t much hope for this title. But still, I don’t want to judge a game that hasn’t even been on store shelves yet.

Here’s a bit of the plot behind the game.

“After ridding Candy Land of the Hordes of evil Cupcakes Ninjabread Man found him self a nice girlfriend called ‘Treacle Tart’ and settled down for a quiet life in the lush Candy Fields estate. One misty moon lit night an elite band of Jelly Baby Ninja’s sneak into Ninjabread mans home, knock him out and kidnaps Treacle Tart. They take her away to their secret base deep within the ‘Sugarcane Wastes’ of Candy Lands northern territory.

Dazed and confused NinjaBread man wakes to find a note pinned to the wall with a throwing star…”

You can see the original press release at  Data Design Interactive


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