Posted by: Tha Square | February 9, 2008

New Mario Kart Wii Information. 12 Player Wi-Fi, Kart Channel, and More!


 From 12 person Wi-Fi matches to three types of vehicles per racer, Mario Kart Wii has been slated to be the best addition to the series thus far. It has certainly been around the track enough times to throw a monkey wrench at as the Wii version will be the eighth instalment into the series. Recently, John Tanaka of reported on the latest breaking Kart news from the overseas gaming magazine, Famitsu.

What was revealed was a phenomenal list of tantalizing tidbits that’s sure to keep fans and newcomers day dreaming for the next few months. The most surprising news (well, to me at least) was the supposed inclusion of a dedicated Mart Kart Channel you’ll be able to access directly from the Wii menu. Though this isn’t clarified as 100% valid, Tanaka draws the conclusion that you’ll be able to view rankings and records right from there. Personally, I’m not too sure on this. I think record keeping can be easily done in-game. Maybe you’ll be able to view and bet on matches like Brawl’s observer mode from there.

Famitsu apparently exposed the total track number of 32, half of which are remade courses from games past. Along with the unexpected number of circuits came the revelation that most probably didn’t see comming: mid-air tricks can be preformed to gain speed boosts! That’s right, it’s Mario Kart meets ATV Offroad Fury! I can’t wait to see how deep the trick system goes especially when you can choose three different vechiles. 

You’ll alos be able to race online with up to 12 other players. Whether you choose to play with people from around the world, in your own country, or on your friends list, you’re bound to have one heck of a time. On top of that though, you’ll be able to truly use your Miis during online play! We’ve all been asking and waiting for Mii support and they’ve finally heard our call. There was no mention if they’ll be confined to Mii only matches or if we’ll get to see them shoulder to shoulder with the Mushroom Kingdom’s finest.  

And last but certainly not least, Nintendo is bringing back old-school 4 player split screen action for those who enjoy a more human presence in their races. There’s no word if all four players can subsequently go online together, but we can always hope. Maybe there’ll be team races this go round, who knows… 

You can read the entire story here at Definitely keep a look out for this title when it hits store shelves this Spring! 


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