Posted by: Tha Square | January 20, 2008

Lucario, Ness, and Jigglypuff Confirmed for Brawl? You Decide!

A source has found a few slip ups on Nintendo’s behalf. It may be nothing, but there are a few images on a commercial over at Japan’s that could point at Lucario, Ness and Jigglypuff being confirmed accidentally. For some odd reason, the images at the bottom right of the screen don’t appear during normal play put if you pause it at the right frames between 4:20 and 4:23, these images appear. You’ll have to do a lot of stop and go if you want to try it yourself. There are a few other oddities I haven’t mention so read on to get a glimpse!

The video can be found here at Japan’s if you care to debunk this myth. It’s all true, I assure you, but some people like to find out for themselves.

 Ok, the first thing that’s strange is that the video is plainly hiding the images from normal play. why would they be hiding anything at this point? Is it because they accidentally leaked Brawl info?

The first picture captured is this one:


As the cursor rests upon the Groudon sticker, you can plainly see four icons at the bottom: one that looks like Pikachu, Pokemon Trainer, Lucario, and Jigglypuff. As said in Friday’s Dojo update, certain stickers can only be applied to certain individuals. So assuming this sticker can only be applied to Pokemon could very well be true. Also notice the number 8 on the left. Some believe that means fire based attacks increase by 8.

The next incident happens shorty after when the cursor moves to the yellow haired figure to the right:


Again, we see more icons of characters. and clearly, we can see the faces of both Ness and Lucas. It, too has the number 8 but the abbreviation “PSI” could mean psychic attacks or defense rises by 8.

 The next takes place when Sonic is highlighted.


This isn’t anything special. Only Sonic can use the sticker it seems. What is interesting is when this picture is compared to the next…


The page in the sticker folder turns and another Sonic sticker is revealed. but this time, there’s more than just one icon. They all appear to be the same shape but this could very well be a glitch, but it still leaves me wondering.

Does this confirm the supposed leaked Brawl roster or is it just nothing? There was no word on if stickers could be applied to Assist Trophies but who knows.


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