Posted by: Tha Square | December 16, 2007

Intel Predicts Nintendo Will Scrap Wiimote

Looks like Intel has a vision for Nintendo’s future and it’s… picture perfect. Justin Rattner, the chief technology officer at Intel, thinks Nintendo will lose the Wii remote and instead base their entire control scheme on cameras. Cameras have been used before in games even as recent as The Eye of Judgement for the PS3 and the Eye Toy for the PS2. Sega was probably trying to do the same thing back in 1992 with their Activator hexagonal controller but they didn’t quite pull it off. Here’s part of the story. Read the rest at

“Despite the rampant success of Wii, Intel claims that Nintendo already has plans for the system’s successor and that the controller as we know it will be ditched completely. Nintendo itself has stated that obviously its research team is constantly working on new ideas, but microchip manufacturer, Intel, believes it has the answer to what is up Nintendo’s sleeve.

“We imagine some future generation of [Nintendo’s] Wii won’t have hand controllers. You just set up the cameras around the room and wave your hand like you’re playing tennis.”
– Justin Rattner, the company’s chief technology officer.”


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