Posted by: Tha Square | December 10, 2007

Nintendo to Stop Advertising for Wii?


Apparently, the Wii is in such demand that Nintendo is having to stop or at least cut back on their advertisements. Even after one year, the Wii is still selling out just about everywhere. Since supply can’t meet the demand, the Big N wants to be “responsible” and not advertise what they don’t have. Here’s a little portion of the story. You can read the rest here. 

“Nintendo, the gaming giant, has been forced to pull ads for its Wii console in the run up to Christmas as demand is already too high…

…The company says that it has been forced to pull the ads because retailers have been running out of consoles and it would be irresponsible to continue with the campaign.”

It’s kind of bittersweet; it’s the holiday season, what should be the pinnacle of their selling year, yet they’re doing so well, they’ve got to stop selling themselves. That doesn’t mean the Wii won’t sell out again this year, it just means the DS gets more air time.


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