Posted by: Tha Square | November 24, 2007

Sony Executive Takes Another Jab at the Wii.


Yet again, another Sony executive spouts mindless filth from their mouth. Kang Hee-Won, The man behind the jargain, is stated to say a year after the phenomenal success of the Wii that it’s just a fad. Courtesy of Kotaku, here’s exactly what the blowhard had to say:

“Sure, there’s a price advantage, but I think the Wii’s popularity is only short term. However, we’re thinking a long term view is where the PS3 will be popular…

In the living room, parents control the TV, not the children. There are TV dramas they want to watch, so they tell the kids to go study,” he said.

“The Wii’s concept is fun in the living room, but I think that is difficult in Korea. Game players put the PS3 in their room like with a PC monitor, and I can’t imagine those types of players putting the console in their rooms to play alone. Also, when you’re coming home tired, are you really going to play Boxing by yourself?”

Wait a second… is Sony’s new target Korea? Did they somehow find a way to relinquish the PC’s stranglehold on the gaming community over there? Is the PS3 doing so bad they’re looking at their success in one specific country as an overall win?

Maybe he forgot that the Wii isn’t even out and the DS was just released this year in that country. Perhaps he hasn’t been around to see that Wii Sports is not the only Wii game available, I’m not sure. What I do know is the PS3 is nearly 10 million units behind the Wii according to

Sony had such a great success last gen with the PS2. They were the big dog on campus who horded every bone for itself. However, its successor is has become nothing more than a gnarling chihuahua; its bark is loud, obnoxious, and deep down, you occasionally just want to kick it.



  1. LOL. Is boxing the only game available on the Wii now or something, Sony?

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